2017 – PEUGEOT 3008 DKR

The Peugeot 3008 DKR proposes an extreme view of the New 3008 SUV, highlighting its most striking elements and their bestial proportions. The race car remains true to the attitude and posture of the SUV, with a black cell covering the generous wheeled boxes and a chrome trim to highlight the  roofline. Viewed from the front and back, the two vehicles feature similar elements, such as headlights, grille and crossbar with red claws in the lanterns.In technical terms, Peugeot Sport has focused mainly on the suspension package (shock absorbers and geometry) to improve the vehicle’s behavior in the adverse situations that the Dakar Rally reserves.The cooling system and the weight of the car have also changed, however, its differentiated stability is maintained even with the addition of some reinforcement elements. From now on the DKR also integrates an air conditioning system that will certainly be highly appreciated by the teams.The engine was another important focus on the work of the Peugeot Sport team, starting with the adaptation to the new FIA regulations that reduced the diameter of the air intake restrictor from 39 mm to 38 mm in diesel vehicles with two wheel drive, causing loss of about 20 hp. The engineers tried to compensate as much as possible for this inconvenience, but mainly to improve the ease of use of the engine at low engine speeds.”When we created the new Peugeot 3008, we dreamed of going even further and with an extreme version. When Peugeot Sport asked us to develop the Dakar 2017 car, we were thrilled to be able to interpret what the 3008 would look like under the conditions of the competition, something really wild. The technical characteristics of the race car are dictated by the rules of engineering, but we sought inspiration from its design in the work we did in the series car, with some unique elements that give this appearance of dynamism and strength to the new Peugeot 3008 DKR: the big wheels and the black cell in Black Diamond, as well as the headlights, the grille, the crossbar and the red claws in the lanterns . ” Sébastien CRIQUET, designer of PEUGEOT 3008 and PEUGEOT 3008 DKR

“The new 3008 DKR symbolizes the next stage of Peugeot’s sporting engagement in cross-country rallies. The two-wheel drive of the racing car, another feature that the DKR shares with its twin road version, has already proved its efficiency on the rally tracks and has been imitated. Team Peugeot Total achieved a brilliant season in 2016 and the technical progress achieved in the new Peugeot 3008 DKR should favor the achievement of new titles. ” Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, CEO of Peugeot”We have tried to improve on all the issues that have caused problems so far, while continuing to develop the potential of our concept, especially in terms of suspensions. We start to reap the rewards of a meaningful experience, but you never know what can save us a competition like the Dakar! ” Bruno FAMIN, Director of Peugeot Sport and manager of Team Peugeot TotalDream Team on the starting lineThe Team Peugeot Total 2017 doubles remain unchanged. Stéphane PETERHANSEL / Jean Paul COTTRET, Carlos SAINZ / Lucas CRUZ, Cyril DESPRES / David CASTERA and Sébastien LOEB / Daniel ELENA will be at the start of the Dakar 2017 on board four Peugeot 3008 DKR.During the last races and successive tests in Spain and Morocco, the Dream Team has demonstrated exceptional team spirit and solidarity. All mobilized to prepare in the best possible way for the 2017 Dakar, which promises great difficulties.As in 2015, Team Peugeot Total will test in real conditions due to the Rally of Morocco (from 3 to 7 October when the new Peugeot 3008 DKR will be tested during the race by the duo Carlos SAINZ / Lucas CRUZ. They will be in the company of Cyril DESPRES / David CASTERA, who after a beautiful victory in the Silk Way Rally, will take part in the last official participation of the Peugeot 2008 DKR.

2017 – PEUGEOT 3008 GT

The second generation of the Peugeot 3008 was introduced less than a month ago. The SUV arrived with a completely redesigned design and a more robust image depending on what you wanted to convey. These qualities are enhanced in the new Peugeot 3008 GT, the most sportive version of the crossover to date. There were rumors of an even more radical GTI version, but for now it will be necessary to wait.The 3008 GT will be the most sporty and also the most powerful of the line. It achieves this through the BlueHDI 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that develops 180 hp. This mechanic is coupled with a six-speed EAT6 automatic transmission. The brand still has not talked about its performance and consumption, but that engine in the 308 GT accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds and announces a consumption of 25 km / l.In terms of aesthetics, the 3008 GT can be differentiated by a number of elements. Outstanding are the large 19-inch wheels, their standard LED lights, the chrome 3D grille and a dual exhaust outlet. The ‘Coupe Franche’ paint (as in the Peugeot 308 GTI), as well as the roof in another standard color and the numerous aluminum accents, will also draw attention to the two-tone bodywork.Inside there will also be some changes, although the protagonist is the new generation Peugeot i-Cockpit. The dashboard and door panels will have contrasting copper seams, while benches can be either mixed or Nappa leather as an option. There will be a few more distinctive touches thanks to some oak and chrome-plated steel frames, which give it a qualitative leap.In addition to the Peugeot 3008 GT, the French brand also took the opportunity to announce that there will be a GT Line finish for the SUV. As with other models, it will be possible to give a more sporty appearance to the vehicle without having to choose the most powerful engine. Therefore, the GT Line can be equipped with the other mechanics of the line. Both the 3008 GT and the GT Line finish will be available from October.

2017 – PEUGEOT 301

A few days ago came the Citroën C-Elysée mid-life upgrade and now comes the turn of its cousin, the Peugeot 301, which is also renewed with some exterior improvements and upgraded equipment, with the purpose of keeping a model that has been in the market for four years.The Peugeot 301 2017 can be recognized for its refurbished front section, which incorporates Peugeot’s new design language, with updated light and grille groups and new daytime running lights integrated into the refurbished bumper. The rear has also been reviewed, as the taillights debut a new light signature with 3D graphics, which can give a modern touch to the set.In relation to the interior, the modifications were smaller. A new 7.0-inch touch-screen infotainment system, which in the most equipped versions integrates TomTom’s three-dimensional mapping navigation system, the rear-view camera, is compatible with Mirror Link, Apple Car Play and Android Auto. In addition, the new dashboard is also new, incorporating new graphics and now includes the on-board computer screen.The mechanical offer includes several options for gasoline and diesel, which varies according to the markets. On the one hand are the PureTech 3-cylinder 1.2-liter and 82 hp, in addition to the 1.6 liter VTI and 115 hp. On the other hand comes the BlueHDI 1.6-liter diesel with 110 hp. All of them combine with a five-speed manual transmission, but optionally is also offered with automatic transmission along with some powertrains.

2017 – PEUGEOT 308 SEDAN

The Peugeot 308 debuts in China a new generation for its sedan version. The model is one of the novelties that the French brand exhibits this week in its booth in the Hall of Beijing.The new Peugeot 308 Sedan, which was developed in collaboration with Dongfeng, is based on the EMP2 platform, the same architecture as the model used in Europe. In terms of aesthetics, the new 308 Sedan has a front almost similar to the hatchback, and thanks to the use of a new grille and a different format bumper, it looks more dynamic than the five-door model.On the back, there are black LED flashlights and an elaborate light signature, plus a black frame in the middle of them, almost becoming one piece among the three elements. For now no pictures of the interior have been released, although their equipment must be quite complete.Peugeot has not disclosed details of what its mechanical offer will be, but it is to be expected that it will not be different from what is offered in the five-door 308 S, that is, the PureTech with a 1.2-liter block and powers of 82, 110 and 130 hp, in addition to the 1.6 liter VTI with 115 hp and the 1.6 liter THP with 167 hp. Taking into account the preferences of the Chinese market, it is unlikely that some diesel version will be offered.In a way, the arrival of this model in China is surprising, a market where the 408 sedan is also offered, although of a slightly larger size. It is not yet known if the Peugeot 308 Sedan will reach other markets.

2017 – PEUGEOT 405 IRAN

This is not a typo. The third best-selling model in 2017 from Groupe PSA is the Peugeot 405 which hit the market 30 years ago.Launched in 1987, very few would say that in 2017 the Peugeot 405 would continue to be sold new – but contrary to all forecasts, the truth is that the French sedan is the third best selling model of Groupe PSA worldwide.And that’s thanks to Iran, a market that the French group returned last year, putting the Peugeot 405 behind the Peugeot 208 (PSA’s best selling model in 2017) and Citroën C3 (second place).These are the numbers: from January to September this year 2017, the Iranians bought a total of 191,514 units of the Peugeot 405.Recalling that the Peugeot 405 is sold in Iran in various body formats – including a pick-up – and several engines, including natural gas, thanks to its partnership with local group Iran Khodro. And it is not the only Peugeot model to succeed in that country – the 206 sold something around the 86,000 copies in the Persian market.


The team at Peugeot Design Lab presents its latest creation for the prestigious brand of oysters Gillardeau. Called Peugeot Le Bistrot du Lion Concept, this is a fully equipped foodtruck that is based on a Peugeot Expert. In this vehicle the ‘maître’ of the oysters can prepare this delicacy to those interested, being possible to find it in the French city of Bourcefranc-le-Chapus, in front of Ile d’Oléron.The vehicle was specially designed for a ‘maître’ who has the title of ‘Best Worker of France’. This gastronomic artisan prepares his creations with his tools and utensils at his fingertips, while the work surface is kept flawless thanks to a trapdoor to empty the shells. A single person can unfold the work surface in a few minutes, while once compacted again, the vehicle becomes versatile and practical again.The designers were able to take advantage of the Peugeot Expert’s 5.8 cubic meters of load capacity, as well as the 1.90 meters high and 4.96 meters long, so that once in motion, remain fully compact and easy to park, including in underground parking lots . In addition, it features stainless steel furniture and slate-and-wood-like materials, all inspired by the traditional universe of oyster ‘maîtres’.

Car Covers Reign Supreme When It Comes To Covering Your Car

Everyone is into covering and protecting his or her cars. The variety of choice is huge and it can be quite mind-boggling where to start. As with everything, you will want to make sure that the cover you are purchasing is a good on. A good quality, durable, and protective cover that you can rely on. For this, you must choose a cover from a reliable company. There are many imitations covers o the market. Whilst they may claim to be just as good, and look the same, the difference can be seen when actual use is. It is not worth your time and money, plus a lot of hassle, in buying a cheap, rubbish inadequate cover for your vehicle.

Car Covers is a world-renowned company with expertise in top quality covers. It has spent many years researching the different fabrics and their qualities so that they can manufacture car covers with the correct combinations of protection. Often they don’t even use ready-made fabrics but rather manufacture them themselves. This is to ensure that the product you receive is not off-the-shelf, but a quality cover in every way. They employ unique methods of weaving and dying to ensure that their products are durable and long-lasting. For example, some of their covers are naturally resistant to rain, ultraviolet, etc. This is done through the use of the correct fibers, that are woven in a special way. As the cover is naturally resistant, it does not wear away will time and use, making the cover ever-lasting. Obviously, this will enable you to save money, as the cover will not need constant replacement. The materials that Car Covers use for their covers are breathable. This is so that the car can breathe and sweat whilst covered, without the fear of it getting steamed up and moldy. Air and moisture is allowed out through the material and away from the car. Simultaneously, the cover will still prevent any moisture from coming in and wrecking the car. Practical as they are, the covers from Car Covers are machine washable. Some snow cover for car honda civic will recommend commercial cleaning though, for a better, more effective clean. This makes life so much easier. The cover itself can be cleaned so simply that your car will, almost effortlessly, look clean even whilst covered. It will help to create a clean and chic impression, whilst the car is covered, and even more so when the cover is taken off to reveal the gleaming car beneath it!

With a Car Covers cover, you can be confident that all is being done to make sure that nothing comes to harm your car whilst it is covered. The degree and level of protection provided by Car Covers can be matched by no other. It is not for nothing that they are the most popular manufacturers of car cover!Today there is a lot of awareness about the dangers of the sun. How the sun can cause burns, skin cancer and many other types of illnesses. However what is not so well known is the damage that the sun can cause to cars. When cars are left standing in the sun for long periods of time, the ultra-violet rays from the sun also have a detrimental effect on cars. To begin with, the exterior of the car will become wrecked when exposed to the sun. The rays from the sun literally melt the finish and bleach the paintwork. As a result, what is left is a dull, colorless car standing drably in the driveway. Gone is the former luster and shine. Gone is the former glory and beauty. Gone is the vibrant, fresh color. In addition, when a car is left in the heat, the inside gets overheated. This is unbearable to drive in and can be extremely stuffy and claustrophobic. Not only that but the driver can even burn his hands on the steering wheel due to the intense heat. The internal workings of a car are also at risk from the sun. As the car overheats, the internal specs get ruined, and the car no longer works as well as it really should. So yes, the sun definitely has a part to play when it comes to wrecking cars and plays it’s part well. Unless the car is fully protected by either a garage or a car cover, it will not last.

Car covers are a better investment than a garage, simply because it is a portable garage. It can be taken around anywhere and everywhere, ensuring that the car is always protected no matter what. The Sunbrella car cover from Car Covers is probably the best type of cover for these circumstances. The cover is woven from acrylic fibers that are naturally resistant to the ultra-violet rays. This means that the resistance will last forever, and not wear away with time, unlike treated covers. At a much lower degree, Sunbrella covers are resistant to water so that the car is still protected from that occasional rainfall. When the car is covered with the Sunbrella cover, it is also protected from dust coming and settling on the car. Dust can be a real nuisance and make the car look old and dusty, aside from which, the dust particle often end up scratching the car itself. Sunbrella car covers resist the growth of rot and mildew in most environments, so the car is safe whilst covered, and will not get moldy. Customers have the choice of five colors that the Sunbrella cover comes in; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast, all of which will make the car look very stylish whilst covered. The color of the cover will neither fade in the sun as the acrylic fibers are dyed before they are even woven, so the color is embedded in the fabric itself, not just on the surface.A lot of people like to keep their cats indoors. They feel that when the car is kept indoors, it is not exposed to the harsh elements of nature, and therefore will stay good for longer. The fact is that unless a car is protected in some way, nature will wreck the car, and its life expectancy is shorter. However, many people fall into a false trap of thinking that if their car is kept indoors in a garage, it is safe. True it is safe but, not entirely safe against dust, scratches, and dents. These can happen indoors too, and in fact, will happen unless the car is protected by a cover.

Garages are very dusty places. Often they are used to store old bits of junk, aside from the car, and this only causes more dust. The dust particles floating around the garage, and invariably, the car gets full of it. Nobody likes to have a dusty, worn out looking car. For those keeping it in the garage, it will come as a shock, as they thought the car was ok. Scratches and dents appear on the surface of the car, even if kept indoors. Generally speaking, garages are small rooms, made to fit the car and not much else. As a result, when people squeeze past the car on their way in or out, they may very well end up leaving an imprint on the exterior. Even more so if they had something like keys hanging from their belts or out their pockets. In addition, when taking out the garbage to the can, the bag can easily knock and dent the car, due to the tightness of space. This is more so if the bag contained a heavy object. Often the offender does not realize what he has done, however, the mark remains firmly on the exterior of the car. The Car Covers car cover was created specifically for the car that is stored indoors. The fabric of the cover consists of three-layered polypropylene that will resist dirt and dust, hence is perfect for indoors. In case of the occasional outdoor use, the Car Covers cover is also able to resist moisture and ultra-violet rays, albeit at a lower level.

Since the fabric of Car Covers is three-layered, it is able to act as a cushioning shield for the car against any knocks and bashes. The cover is able to absorb the shock of the impact without an impression being left on the car itself. Car Covers covers are made from the material that is breathable. Air and moisture are given a chance to escape away from the car, whilst simultaneously prevents them from entering. Hence the car is given a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered without getting steamed up and moldy, and can remain dry. Since Car Covers provides not much more than basic protection, it is not expensive at all. The cover is a cheap way of making sure that even whilst stored indoors, the car remains in mint condition. Many people depend on vehicles as their means of transport. Its important for car owners to know how to take good care of their automobiles for them to last long. If you park your vehicle outside, it is guaranteed to get affected by pollution and dirt. To protect it against dirt, sun rays, tree sap, bird feces, as well as dirt and adverse weather conditions you should use a good cover. Not all covers are the same. It’s therefore important that you know the right one for your vehicle. You should begin by deciding whether you need one to protect your car when parked outside or inside. This will help you to determine the quality that is best suited for the job.

If you keep your car indoors mostly, then its advisable to buy a cover that is manufactured out of flannel. This material is heavy and it is best suited to protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, as well as dings and dents. It is commonly used on cars that are on the show.For fundamental protection, you can purchase a cover that is made out of cotton and polyester. It’s less expensive and it protects your automobile from various factors when indoors. Some covers in this category also protect your car from the effects of UV light. Others are waterproof. To find out how good a cover is, you should read the details. Covers made out of poly-cotton are also breathable. This means that they do not allow condensation to build up underneath. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of sunlight then you should buy a cover that is made with acrylic fibers. It will probably cost you more but this material is long lasting and durable. It is also waterproof and resistant to fading. It is good for automobiles that are parked outside. To ensure that you have the best kind of protection you should go for a custom made the cover. With this option, you can be sure to get one with the exact measurements of your car. You need to give the model, make and year of your automobile when making such an order. Make sure you specify whether you leave your car inside or outside most of the time. The number of seams on a cover can tell you how well it is made. The double stitched types are the best car covers. Remember to get one that resists mildew and mold as well.